Sunday, April 26, 2009

God's Gifts

Good Afternoon,
Today's economy causes us all to tighten our belts. Yet sometimes when we don't realize it God still use's his children to spread his gift's. In our church alone I have lost track with the shear number of efforts we support, there's World Hunger, Heifer, Habit for Humanity, Pine Ridge, Kid's Against Hunger, Echo Food Shelf, and On and On and On... It just seems the list never ends! And then to top it all off I still need to tithe! So where does it end? how do I keep giving and giving...Oh and then you want MY time too? YES He does, and if it is HIS plan then whether you want to or not you will. Now I know that sounds harsh in a way but God has and does work through others to use the Gift's he has given you. Let me explain...sometimes when you least realize it God works through each and everyone of us by putting a single can of corn in the food shelf basket. Or how about when the confirmation Kid's did there food scavenger hunt during lent. While we had designated areas I focused on member's of the congregation that lived within that area...Why? Because God want's your Gift's and he knew that if you knew who was collecting it and why they were collecting it that you would freely give. His plan was to make sure that you as a congregation within the body of the church where able to give your gift's and YOU did!! We collected...we'll you saw it as we brought it up front for his blessing. and God's gift's that day just didn't end with collection God used people that are not even active member's in this congregation to drive those kid's around to make sure that food was collected. YES we had people freely give their time to make sure that those kid's where able to collect food. God truly moves in mysterious ways in our life. Next time when someone ask's that we have a need, ask yourself if God is asking for your money? or is he asking for your other Gift's? You see giving money is the easy way out and it keep's you in your comfort zone. God doesn't want your money...He want's you to use the gift's he has given you! Now if the Gift he has given you is money well then...But I doubt the ONLY gift he has given you is money. He wants your time he wants your talents that HE GAVE you. He wants you to use them to further his kingdon to feed his children, to clothe and comfort the weary. God's knocking on the door and he wants you to answer. He wants you to step out of your comfort zone and to do something you cannot even believe you would do! For me it was the thought of working with the confirmation kid's even knowing my daughter will be in confirmation this next year, I didn't even give it a thought...but, this year has been one of the most rewarding and fulfilling years I have ever, EVER spent in my life! Helping these boys become young men and to help them with there questions about God and about why he is important in their lives. You know, when I started this I prayed for his guidance and asked him what he really thought I could do? After all I have only been in Church for the last two years what can I possibly give these kid's? His answer to me was give them your love, attention, and I will fill your mouth with the words to help them with the questions! And he truly did! He was there for me everytime, every Wednesday, filling my lips with the words to help guide and shape them into the young men they are becoming! I KNOW...I did not have the skill to guide these boys...but God knew that I needed to be there for them and HE knew that HE would guide me words, my actions, my gifts to be there for them. I didn't matter to him that I wasn't comfortable with them after all these are boys! I have raised daughters I don't know the first thing about guiding 13 year old boys! And believe me there ARE difference's! God want's us to live outside of our comfort zones so if that is what he wants for me then I need to surrender to his desires and his what about you?

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Unlikely said...

what a great way to separate gifts and money. The aren't the same; but God can sure use both from us to build up the kingdom.